Philosophy of Long-Term Achievement

Picture of Stone and sand.

Seldom do you find an organization dedicated to the advance of technology that leads with its philosophy rather than its products. However, those of us at Core Memory Circuits are not standard innovators. Our efforts are not limited to thinking in small terms or of trying to advance only a narrow aspect of a large industry. Our goal aims at much grander vistas. This goal is nothing less than to amplify an already well-established industry to new levels of excellence. 

We realize that to have such a goal is one thing, to achieve it is another. We know that the only way such a lofty ambition can ever be realized is through the consistent application of profound thought. The issue becomes, "How do you know that you have produced insights that can have far-reaching consequences?" 

The answer to this difficult question is found in history. We are not the first to attempt to induce enduring, long-term change on a grand scale. Others have done the same before us. In other parts of this website, we will speak of the men that had profound impact on digital science. As with all great innovators, these men drove civilization on by acting on their profound insights. These insights were derived through their very special thought processes. Each man had thoughts, ideas and insights that were unique to him. But in all cases, common intellectual principles can be found at work.

It is these underpinnings that make up the philosophy of large-scale positive achievement.

The Scaffolding for Great Achievement


The first character trait that all great innovators share in common is that they seek to bring together disparate ideas or insights in order to produce a new synthesis of knowledge. They are motivated by the idea that, if you do this right, "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

The second character trait shared by major innovators is the ability to find guiding principles to work from. Then once they have this essential intellectual foundation, they use it to create extrapolations that can be put to the test. If the conclusions prove viable, they use them to go further into the unknown. If a conclusion fails to hold up to scrutiny, they immediately seek to resolve the reason for failure.

Eventually, once a profound innovator has created a sufficient number of tested extrapolations, he reaches a point where his work becomes useful for more than those with a philosophical drive. He reaches a point that his ideas can produce viable, marketable products. It is at that point that his achievement can impact culture at large.

This is the philosophy of the great innovators of the past. It is the working philosophy at Core Memory Circuits. In this website, we will eventually explain how we have taken disparate ideas and created a new view of how digital science can work. From these beginnings, we have developed working assumptions that have led us to conclusions that could have profound impact on the digital industry. It is hoped that this scientific achievement will allow this industry to move to a new level of excellence.

Base Knowledge