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Core Memory Circuits consists of a small group of researchers that are working diligently to convert their major leap forward in digital science into viable technologies. This scientific advance arose in the early 1980s. It sat idle for nearly 20 years. In that time of idleness, the necessary resources emerged and the market conditions developed that have allowed our small group to move it to the point of adoption. 

Within the pages of this website we will set forth how our scientific advance led to a new generation of engineering methodologies. We will also delve into how this advance opens up a whole new range of possibilities with regard to computing architectures. We will further explain how a small group of individuals were able to utilize it to conceive of a range of first-generation products.  These products will be able to augment existing product lines and be built in existing manufacturing facilities.

All of this will be given in the fullness of time. Unfortunately, the efforts needed to create such a grand presentation far exceed the resources available to our group at the present time. What we can do is begin to discuss what motivated us to take on this work. Then we can discuss this new advance in science, explaining where it came from and what it could mean to the future. These are our more immediate goals.

What you will find past this portal is a slowly evolving presentation of a subject that we feel, when given a chance, can positively affect the world. Inevitably, when you take the slow path in growth, some incompleteness can be found. We will continue to add to this work as our schedules permit.

Thank you for taking time to explore our work,

The team of Core Memory Circuits

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