Moore's Trend: Is it still in effect?

Via Structure

Much will be said in this website concerning miniaturization of circuitry on silicon, but at this point, a simple issue needs to be addressed. Everyone, when discussing Moore's Trend, has focused on the transistor. They have argued in the past, and rightfully so, that of all the various parts that make up a circuit, this particular piece is at the heart of it. It plays a  critical role in the functionality of all digital products, and its size is of critical importance.

In the last several years, a major change in transistor design has taken place. This change has had a positive effect on dealing with short-channel issues; however, it has allowed for a misleading alteration in how Moore's Trend is calculated.  

To bring what we are speaking of to light, a simple question can be asked; a question that does not deal with the transistor, but with the via: "As of late, what has been happening to the change in the size of this part?" They claim to be making the transistor at 12nm. Are they also making the interconnects on the same scale? Or are the vias changing at a very different rate from that of the transistor? At one time, the change in the size of the transistor and the via where in lockstep.

We believe that focusing on the via gives a better indicator of where the industry stands in this manufacturing trend than the size claims on the newest version of the transistor.

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