Where It Came From

Core Memory Circuits consists of a small group of researchers that are working diligently to convert their major leap forward in digital science into viable technologies. This scientific advance arose in the early 1980s. It sat idle for nearly 20 years. In that time of idleness, the necessary resources emerged and the market conditions developed that have allowed our small group to move it to the point of adoption. 

The pages of this site will set forth how this scientific advance led to a new generation of engineering methodologies.  They will also delve into . . . .

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Philosophy of This Organization

Picture of Stone and sand.

Seldom do you find an organization dedicated to the advance of technology that leads with its philosophy rather than its products. However, those of us at Core Memory Circuits are not standard innovators. Our efforts are not limited to thinking in small terms or of trying to advance only a narrow aspect of a large industry. Our goal aims at much grander vistas. This goal is nothing less than to amplify an already well-established industry to new levels of excellence. 

We realize that to have such a goal is one thing, to achieve it is another. We know that the only way such a lofty ambition can ever be realized is through the consistent application of profound thought. The issue becomes, "How do you know that you have produced . . . .

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Ending of Moore's Law

Moore's law graph.

The term "law," as used in the sciences, took on a very special meaning since the time of Newton.  It has referred to large-scale generalizations that hold true under all conditions within the over-defining parameters. Newton's assumptions were the first to meet this general definition. There have been many others since. But in the classic sense of the word, what was defined by Moore so many years ago does not . . . .

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Economic Addiction

winding road.

The rise of digital science has changed the world profoundly. The ability to talk to someone half-way around the world one minute and work on the design of a next-generation product the next is amazing. Add to this the number of individuals who have access to these types of resources, and you begin to see how digital science has made the world a far better place. It has given rise to opportunities that, even in the days of the mainframes, would have been considered unimanginable.

All of this has been wondrous and grand, but for all of the upside, there are issues that have developed from the large-scale utilization of this subject. The biggest issue is that the world's economies have not only become dependent on the products produced by this science, they have become critically dependent upon Moore's Trend. The world of finance and investment has  become   . . . .

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The story will be continued . . . .  

Solution in Principle

Present Crisis

Moving Ahead

Embracing Change