About Us

Since 2001 our modest research and development group has been working toward achieving a fundamental change in digital science in an effort to solve one of the biggest issues currently facing our world: The coming end of Moore’s Law.

For most of the early years our researchers worked from their own homes through a VPN network, in some cases thousands of miles apart. But in September 2013, a small office space was rented on the second floor of the historic Phelps County Courthouse in Rolla, Missouri where three of our team members now work. This intentional relocation and consolidation of effort was brought about by the need to work in proximity with Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S & T) where a relationship was established in 2003.

The Team

Ben Cooper.As primary founder of Core Memory Circuits, Ben specializes in the conception and implementation of cross-disciplined technologies. His wide knowledge base was derived from an initial education in mathematics and physics, branching later to chemistry and biology. This knowledge combined with his subsequent study of electrical engineering and digital technology eventually led to his development of a new extension to digital science.

Gregg Rawson.Gregg’s in-depth field engineering background starting with Cray Research, as well as his comprehensive understanding of IT, qualifies him as the expert in many areas of our operation. These include the descriptive language on which our engineering methodologies are based, the testing environment and methodologies for this new extension to digital science and the development of the IT infrastructure on which our engineering is built. All of this along with his great insight and fresh perspective earns Gregg the title of “Most Capable and Essential Member of the Team.”

Dr. Watkins In 2003, when Ben (then in California) was seeking a partner at the university level, he was introduced to Dr. Watkins who is now Professor and Associate Chair in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Missouri S & T. Dr. Watkins listened with great interest to Ben’s ideas and was intrigued enough to begin recommending students with whom Ben worked with in testing some aspects of his new digital technology.

This collaboration has continued, and through the years Dr. Watkins has not only become a highly valued consultant on the project but also a trusted friend and advisor in navigating us through those areas where we have limited expertise. We are deeply grateful for the resources he has made available to us and all that he has done to increase the success of the team.

Indira.Indira is currently nearing completion of her Ph.D. program in computer engineering at Missouri S & T. Her dissertation is on introducing this new science and technology along with the various advances she has made to the subject. To this end she is working in conjunction with Dr. Watkins to create all of the necessary material essential for educating the next generation of digital engineers. She is also working, on a daily basis, to advance the technologies and engineering that have grown out of this science. With her recent advanced education, she has been invaluable at guiding us in the state of the art, thereby making this subject an operational reality.